Falcon Oil & Gas

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Falcon Oil & Gas

Hier eine Firma aus dem Energiesektor mit interessanten Projekten vor allem in Australien, wer sein Depot etwas diversifizieren will sollte sich dies ansehen:





Falcon Australia holds a 100% interest in Exploration Permits EP 99, 98, 117, and 76, covering approximately seven million acres in the Beetaloo Basin. The Beetaloo Basin is a Proterozoic and Cambrian age tight oil and gas basin that the Board believes is well suited for unconventional oil and gas projects. Connected to the major industrial and export markets in Darwin 600km to the north, Falcon Australia is uniquely positioned in the Northern Territory to achieve commercial production. Existing infrastructure includes a major highway, two gas pipelines and a railway.

Since acquiring the licences in 2008, Falcon Australia has conducted extensive study of 11 wells that were drilled by an oil and gas subsidiary of Rio Tinto between 1988 and 1992. Oil and gas bleeds from 6,700 meters of core and other well data confirm all necessary elements of productive shale oil and shale gas play exist in multiple independent petroleum systems. Each of these intervals is prospective for oil or gas providing Falcon with an extensive inventory of drilling opportunities.
In July 2011, Falcon Australia entered into a participation agreement with Hess which required Hess to acquire a minimum of US$40 million of seismic data across the majority of three permit areas. By December 2012 Hess had collected 3,490 kms of seismic data and spent in excess of US$60 million.
Under the terms of the Participation Agreement, Hess had until 30th of June 2013 to commit to a five well drilling programme in order to earn a 62.5% interest in the three permits. A late request by Hess to defer the election date was unanimously rejected by Falcon's board, therefore Hess didn't elect and forteits their rights to earn 62.5% in three of the Beetaloo permits.


RPS Report January 2013

RPS Energy, in its independent CPR dated 1 January 2013 estimates gross unrisked recoverable prospective resource (play level) potential of 162 Tcf of gas and 21,345 Mmbo of oil (P50) for Falcon Australia’s Beetaloo Exploration Permits. In its entirety, the Beetaloo Basin covers approximately 8.7 million acres (approximately 35,260 km2) and, as far as the Company is aware, a total of 11 wells have been drilled in the Beetaloo Basin to date. This work was undertaken by a Rio Tinto Group subsidiary company exploring for conventional hydrocarbons and while not leading to a commercial development, the data from the cores demonstrated the presence of tight oil and gas and several horizons were shown to be prospective for unconventional oil and gas.

Falcon/Hess Joint Venture

In April 2011, Falcon Australia entered into a joint venture with Hess, whereby Hess agreed to collect seismic data over an area covering EP76, EP98, EP99, excluding an area covering 100,000 acres (approximately 405 km2) surrounding the Shenandoah-1 well-bore. Since the date of this agreement, Hess has spent in excess of US$60 million acquiring 3,490 kilometres of 2D seismic data which is currently being interpreted. Hess had the option until 30 June 2013, to acquire a 62.5 per cent working interest in the Hess Area of Interest by committing to drill and evaluate five exploration wells at Hess’ sole cost, one of which must be a horizontal well. A late request by Hess to defer the election datewas unanimously rejected by Falcon's board, therefore Hess didn't elect and forteits their rights to earn 62.5% in three of the Beetaloo permits. 


The Shenandoah-1 was a vertical hole well drilled by Sweetpea in 2007. The well was deepened by Falcon Australia in 2009 to finish at 2,714 metres. It was re-entered in Q3 2011 and five short tests were conducted including several fraccing operations. Gas was recovered from three zones with some liquid


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Vielleicht ist euch Igor schon einmal über den Weg gelaufen in Zürich, Member of the Board, wohnhaft am Zürisee und CEO der Avelar Energy Group mit Sitz in Zürich.

Igor Akhmerov, Director 

Mr. Akhmerov has been a member of the Board since December 2010. He was also on the Board from September 2007 until May 2008. Mr. Ahkmerov graduated from the Moscow Institute Of Management (1989), Wharton Business School (1995), and Lauder Institute of Business and International Relations (1995). From 1989 through 1993 he worked at the Moscow office of Bain & Company, specialized in privatization and banking. After graduation from Wharton Business School he worked for the Boston office of Bain & Company. In 1998 he returned to Russia and joined Sputnik Group, the largest Russian private equity investment group, as a partner. In 2001 he moved to TNK as First Vice President for Planning, Budgeting, Investment Governance, Taxes, and Reporting. From 2004 until 2006 he served as Chief Financial Officer of Renova Group. He has served as Chief Executive Officer of Avelar Energy Group since 2007. 

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19.09.2013 20:24
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Falcon Oil & Gas confirms completion of Aussie share swap

Falcon Oil & Gas confirms completion of Aussie share swap
By Jamie Ashcroft
September 19 2013, 8:06am

Falcon Oil & Gas (LON:FOG, CVE: ) has confirmed it has now purchased 2.46 mln shares in its majority owned subsidiary Falcon Oil & Gas Australia (FOGA).

It now owns 98.1% of FOGA after the share-based deal, which sees the sellers receive 2.25 listed Falcon Oil & Gas shares for each FOGA share they own.

The deal was done on the same terms as the group’s earlier purchase of a 24.2% stake in FOGA from Sweetpea Petroleum.

FOGA is the registered holder of four exploration permits in the Beetaloo basin, in Australia’s Northern Territory.

Falcon is currently working to bring in a new partner into the Beetaloo exploration project after a deal with Hess Corp was terminated by the company earlier this month.


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Eine weitere Präsentation


Setzen wir $844/acre*ein ergibt es $5,908,000,000.00 (7 Mio acres, Betaloo Bassin) und damit $6,5/Aktie

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