Mutares mit Potenzial; Valor: 43469302 / Symbol: MUX

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Valor: 43469302 / Symbol: MUX
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Mutares mit Potenzial; Valor: 43469302 / Symbol: MUX

Eine Beteiligungsfirma mit erheblichem Potenzial !

Nach dem kürzlichen Rückgang könnte ein Einstieg lohnend sein.

Die Rendite per 2019 liegt  bei 9,8 % (auf heutiger Kursbasis, Dividende Plan 1€)
Die PE 5.44

mutares AG operates as a holding company, which engages in the acquisition of and investment in firms. It operates through the following segments: Automotive; Wood and Paper; Construction and Infrastructure; Engineering and Technology; and Consumer Goods and Logistics. The Automotive segment supplies molded rubber components and insulating materials. The Wood and Paper segment offers coreboards, wood paneling and flooring, as well as specialty paper. The Construction and Infrastructure segment manufactures pipes and pipeline components. The Engineering and Technology segment distributes waste collection vehicles, packaging machines, power plant components, and filter systems. The Consumer Goods and Logistics segment focuses on the trading of household goods and consumer electronics as well as the production of metal packaging. The company was founded by Robin Laik and Axel Geuer on February 1, 2008 and is headquartered in Munich, Germany.

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