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Hat jemand aktuelle news ? :shock:

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GreenShift Corporation (OTC Bulletin Board: GSHF) today announced

the execution of letters of intent that provide for the design,

construction and operation of integrated corn oil extraction and

biodiesel production facilities on-site at selected ethanol


The letters of intent call for GreenShift's majority-owned process

engineering company, GS CleanTech Corporation (OTC Bulletin Board:

GSCT), to design, build and integrate a total of twelve corn oil

extraction systems based on its patent-pending technology with four

biodiesel production systems at four separate ethanol production

facilities in the Mid-Western U.S. The biodiesel production systems

are based on GS AgriFuels Corporation's (OTC Bulletin Board: GSGF)

patent-pending NextGen Fuel biodiesel process technology, and

correspond to about 30 million gallons per year of corn-oil derived

biodiesel production. GS AgriFuels is GreenShift's majority-owned

clean fuel production company.

If these letters of intent are successfully converted into

executed contracts, this would result in a total of about $80 million

in process engineering and equipment sales and certain ongoing

royalties for GS CleanTech, and about $12 million in one-time

equipment sales and about $30 million per year in ongoing biodiesel

sales for GS AgriFuels.

Kevin Kreisler, GreenShift's chairman and chief executive officer,

stated that "These letters of intent are a long-awaited validation of

the technologies and business model we have introduced to the

marketplace. GreenShift's model is to acquire, develop and

commercialize clean technologies that facilitate the more efficient

use of natural resources while maximizing economic gains for our

clients, partners and shareholders. Our go-to-market strategy for our

corn oil extraction and biodiesel production technologies is to use

technology to acquire feedstock and then to build and own integrated

fuel production assets that help to increase the profitability of our

host ethanol facilities. While this plan has taken longer to implement

as compared to a simple equipment sales model, we are confident that

our model, which incorporates engineering service sales, equipment

sales and recurring fuel production sales, will prove to be superior

over the long term. We are very excited by these term sheets and look

forward to moving through technical due diligence, execution of

definitive agreements and into deployment in each case."

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Hört sich ar nicht so schlecht an meiner Meinung. Was haltet Ihr davon?

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Kennt eigentlich jemand diese Firma? Oder hat jemand mehr Hintergründe dazu?


Vorsicht! Ich beobachte Greenshift seit 2005! Nicht mehr als US$ 0.015 bezahlen! Langfristige Tendenz ganz klar nach unten. Geschäftsmodell wäre zwar sehr interesseant, aber die Firma verbraucht seit Jahren zuviel Geld!

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Habe im 2005 ( als reine Zockerei ) zu 0.25 US gekauft, und kann die Tendenz nach unten nur bestätigen.

Es ist leichter, einer Begierde ganz zu entsagen, als in ihr maßzuhalten. ( Friedrich Nietzsche )

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Besten Dank für eure Antworten! Erscheint es euch aber nicht komisch das in den letzen Tagen die Volumen sehr hoch sind?

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More News


GreenShift Corporation (OTC Bulletin Board: GSHF) today is

providing its shareholders with an update regarding the Company's

planned reorganization, which will result in both debt and expense

reductions through the sale of non-core assets and through the

consolidation of operations and administration.

To this end, GreenShift is pleased to announce it has executed an

agreement to sell its majority stake in GS Carbon Corporation (OTC

Bulletin Board: GSCR) to Seaway Capital, Inc. ("Seaway Capital").

Seaway Capital, a growth equity and leveraged buyout company, has

agreed to assume up to $500,000 in GSCR's legacy debt, and GreenShift

shall retain its current assets by transferring GS Carbon's current

investments, intellectual properties and R&D operating subsidiaries to

GS CleanTech Corporation (OTC Bulletin Board: GSCT).

Seaway Capital ( was formed in 2002 as a

merchant banking company and controls significant stakes in various

companies. Upon the closing of the transaction, Seaway intends to

merge into GSCR several of its holdings, including that of WiseBuys

Stores, Inc., ("WiseBuys") a big box retail chain it founded in 2003

with former Ames Chairman and CEO, Joe Ettore, and former BJ Wholesale

executive, Joe LaChausse. WiseBuys currently has five (5) locations

representing approximately 230,000 square feet, and it has partnered

with other retailers such as Payless ShoeSource, Inc. and KB Toys to

expand rapidly in rural markets in primarily former Ames locations.

WiseBuys has generated store revenues of over $35 million since

November 2003, and, after a brief pause, is now aggressively seeking

growth through acquisitions and new store development.

WiseBuys' goal is to add another 30-40 stores over a three year

period and achieve annual revenues of about $120 million. Joe

LaChausse, WiseBuys' CEO stated, "We feel this critical mass is

attainable given the current supply of relatively low cost retail

space in rural America. Our initial geographic presence with be New

York, Pennsylvania, Vermont, Massachusetts, and Connecticut."

WiseBuys' current stores - all in New York State - include Canton,

Gouverneur, Hamilton, Pulaski, and Tupper Lake.

This reverse acquisition, which is subject to completion of an

audit of WiseBuys and is expected to close in June 2007, would have

the effect of transferring GreenShift's majority stake in GS Carbon to

Seaway Capital, which is seeking additional investments in media,

business services, manufacturing, and technology companies.

GreenShift Chairman and CEO, Kevin Kreisler, added "One of the

goals of our planned reorganization is to reduce overhead while we

simplify and rationalize our corporate structure. We feel that

transferring ownership of GS Carbon's current holdings to GS CleanTech

and then assisting GS Carbon in its completion of a material

acquisition away from GreenShift helps to accomplish this goal in a

way that enhances shareholder value for GreenShift's, GS Carbon's and

GS CleanTech's shareholders. Seaway has an experienced management team

with a track record for finding and cultivating successful investments

and creating value for its shareholders, and we feel that their

planned WiseBuys transaction and strategy moving forward have great


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GreenShift Releases Shareholder Letter

GreenShift Releases Shareholder Letter

Friday June 22, 10:58 am ET

NEW YORK--(BUSINESS WIRE)--GreenShift Corporation (OTC Bulletin Board: GSHF - News) chairman and chief executive officer, Kevin Kreisler, issued the following letter to GreenShift's shareholders today:

Dear Shareholders:

We have accomplished much since GreenShift initiated operations in April 2005, and we are proud and excited by the progress we have made in our various operations. But we have a number of significant issues that we face today that are in need of correction.

Chief among these issues is that of share value. We believe that the current share price of each of our companies does not accurately reflect the value of what we have built.

Our mission is to create valuable opportunities for many people and companies to use resources more efficiently and to be more profitable. To accomplish this, we target and reduce or eliminate consumption inefficiencies by

-- developing and implementing incremental advances in technologies

and business practices

-- that leverage established infrastructure and distribution channels

to enable increased and sustainable profits

-- by decreasing the consumption of natural resources and the

generation of wastes and emissions.

We are focused on implementing this model first in the agriproducts sector, where we have sought out applications of technology that create value-added co-product and waste extraction and refining opportunities.

In the past two years GreenShift and its affiliated companies raised and deployed about $40 million in capital to successfully: (i) acquire and develop technologies that are capable of cost-effective "plug-and-play" integration into existing agriproducts plants; (ii) develop the go-to-market capabilities necessary to bring these technologies to market; (iii) complete early-stage commercialization and finalize the application of the first two of our technologies; (iv) sell and commission early-adopter and commercial implementations of these two technologies; (v) execute a number of agreements that are vital to the foundation of our long term commercialization plans, and, importantly, (vi) initiate positive cash flows. Some of the more significant of our technology-centric achievements include:

-- Corn Oil Extraction

Our process engineering and technology transfer company, GS

CleanTech Corporation, acquired its patent-pending Corn Oil

Extraction technology in early 2006. This technology efficiently

extracts crude corn oil from a co-product of ethanol production at

rates and efficiencies that outstrip any conventional extraction

process. GS CleanTech has executed 6 contracts with ethanol

producers that provide for the extraction and purchase of more than

30 million gallons of crude corn oil. Two early adopter extraction

systems were sold and commissioned during 2006, and we recently

commissioned our first deployment where we retain the right to buy

and sell the extracted oil at rate equal to more than 1.2 million

gallons per year. This oil is currently worth upwards of $1.50 per

gallon and GS CleanTech has just begun to sell oil this month. An

additional 4 systems are planned for deployment over the balance of

this year and we have many similar potential contracts in our sales

pipeline. If all of these new contracts are signed, they will

provide us over 60 million additional gallons of corn oil

extraction potential.

-- Biodiesel Production Equipment

Our fuel production company, GS AgriFuels Corporation, recently

acquired a biodiesel technology provider, NextGen Fuel, Inc., which

had developed and completed early stage commercialization of a

patent-pending continuous flow biodiesel system. The NextGen

systems, which include both direct and transesterification, are

skid mounted and sized to produce 5 million or ten 10 million

gallons of biodiesel per year. Traditional processes typically

require several hours to complete the conversion of qualified

vegetable oils and animal fats into biodiesel; we intensify and

idealize the conditions under which this conversion occurs and we

are consequently able to complete the conversion in minutes instead

of hours - at a much smaller scale than traditional processes, and

at reduced capital and operating costs as compared to traditional

processes. These benefits also allow us to efficiently convert a

broader array of feedstocks than any traditional process that we

are aware of. Since acquiring NextGen we have improved and refined

the technology, completed commercialization and recently

successfully shop-tested two systems for U.S. clients.

-- Development of Corn Oil Biodiesel Production Facilities

We recently announced the execution of letters of intent that call

for GS CleanTech to design, build and integrate an additional 12

corn oil extraction systems with integral biodiesel systems at 4

separate ethanol production facilities. In addition, GS CleanTech

recently executed an agreement for the extraction of about 7

million gallons per year of corn oil at an ethanol facility next to

one of GS AgriFuels' planned biodiesel facilities. In all, these

planned new extraction systems and biodiesel facilities will first

extract and then convert about 37 million gallons of crude corn oil

into biodiesel. GS CleanTech and GS AgriFuels will work together on

these developments - GS CleanTech will provide and sell

engineering, construction and technology transfer services in

return for a mixture of process engineering and plant construction

sales, technology royalties and selected feedstock sales, and GS

AgriFuels will provide its biodiesel systems and invest in the

various projects. If these letters of intent are successfully

converted into executed contracts and the relevant projects are

financed, these prospects would result in a total of more than $90

million in additional process engineering and equipment sales and

ongoing royalties for GS CleanTech and about $50 million per year

in ongoing biodiesel sales for GS AgriFuels at current biodiesel


That said, our successes are clearly not translating into share value. Our view is that the message is getting lost in the complexities of our capital structure.

We had an entirely different outcome in mind when we formed GreenShift as an investment company and seeded our various companies and technologies. Recall that our original structure included a number of public platform companies that were intended to focus on specific sectors - clean technology development, clean fuels production, clean energy production and environmental services. This structure was established to enable each company to raise capital with its own balance sheet, and its own equity, in order to support its own business model. A big part of the reason for this was that the investment theses were different from one business focus to the next - the structures and valuations used for financing emerging clean tech R&D, for example, are very different from those used to finance mature fuel or power production. At bottom, this structure was initially very successful as it resulted in the financing, acquisition and development of all of our core technologies and operations.

Last year, however, after recognizing the significance of the market opportunities presented by a few of our technologies in the rapidly expanding renewable fuels market, we narrowed our focus to financing and supporting the development and iterative roll-out of our leading technologies and related operations.

Today, we have commercialized essential technologies that have been designed to service needs that few (if any) others currently have the capability to fulfill, and we have positioned these technologies for deployment in an expansively growing renewable fuels market.

The opportunities in front of us in the biomass-derived fuels sector are simply tremendous and we would be remiss if we were to commit capital to anything but implementation in this vertical given our technological advantages.

With this narrowing in focus, the capital structure that we successfully used to seed our technologies has become a costly distraction and an unnecessary drain on resources. Therefore, we have initiated steps to simplify our capital structure and increase the transparency of our operations. This is a process that I believe to be critical to our growth and I am committed to seeing it through to an expedient and cost-effective conclusion.

Our plan involves (1) merging GS CleanTech into GreenShift and, separately, merging GS Energy into GS AgriFuels, (2) liquidating non-core assets, and (3) restructuring and refinancing our debt while we (4) increase sales and earnings in our core business units.

1. Complete Pending Mergers

We believe that the GreenShift - GS CleanTech and GS AgriFuels - GS Energy mergers will help to reduce operational overlap and redundancies, promote a unified vision among our employees, reduce the confusion created by our current structure among customers, vendors, creditors, shareholders and other stakeholders, reduce the focus, capital, and other resources required to administer multiple public entities, and increase our ability to focus on creating value for our shareholders. Updates on these transactions follow:

-- GS AgriFuels - GS Energy Merger

To complete this merger, we need to prepare and file a registration

statement and secure regulatory approval. We have completed nearly

all of the requirements for the filing of this registration

statement and are now only waiting on the final third party legal

and tax opinions. We expect to receive these opinions shortly and

that we will file the registration statement before the end of this

month. GS Energy shareholders will receive 1 share of GS AgriFuels

for every 1,000 shares held in GS Energy on the record date for

this merger. This merger can take anywhere from 3 to 6 months to

complete, depending nearly entirely on how long it takes to secure

regulatory approval.

-- GreenShift - GS CleanTech Merger

The completion of this merger will also require the filing and

approval of a registration statement. We have started to prepare

this registration statement and our goal is to file it as soon as


GS CleanTech shareholders will receive 1 share of GreenShift for

every 3 shares of GS CleanTech held on the record date for merger.

This exchange ratio was set based on the market price for both

stocks at the time we announced the merger. Given the negative

market response to our original plan to complete this merger, we

considered a number of ways to improve the rate of exchange for

minority shareholders of both GS CleanTech and GreenShift, from

simply changing the exchange rate, which could have significant

negative tax consequences on GS CleanTech's minority shareholders,

to financing a cash buyback of GS CleanTech stock, which would not

be fair to the GS CleanTech shareholders at current market prices.

We settled on decreasing my ownership of the combined company down

to 60% and eliminating all preferred stock upon completion of the

merger. GreenShift currently owns about 80% of GS CleanTech and I

currently own about 80% of GreenShift in the form of preferred

stock. We believe that we can prevent negative tax consequences for

the minority shareholders of both companies simply by adjusting the

conversion features of my preferred ownership in GreenShift.

Importantly, this is intended to have the effect of increasing the

aggregate percentage of the combined company owned by the minority

shareholders of both companies from 20% to 40%.

2. Liquidate Non-Core Assets

We will liquidate or otherwise divest ourselves of any investment, company or asset that is not critical to our continued operation and growth. We have already sold off a non-core engineering unit and a minority investment, and we are exploring the sale of several of our other minority investments (we will retain our existing stakes in Sterling Planet and TerraPass). In addition, we are ceasing all R&D activity that does not complement our core technologies and business lines.

We have also negotiated for the sale our majority stake in GS Carbon Corporation to Seaway Capital, Inc., a growth equity and leveraged buyout company. Prior to the sale we will transfer all of our investments, intellectual properties and existing operations out of GS Carbon into GS CleanTech. The transfer to GS CleanTech and the subsequent sale to Seaway will occur on or before June 30, 2007. Seaway's plans for the remaining GS Carbon public shell include the acquisition of Seaway's majority stake in a retail big box chain and the financing and acquisition of other targeted retail chains with an aggregate of more than $30 million in sales. Notably, Seaway has already received term sheets for the financing necessary to support its acquisition plans.

3. Restructure and Refinance Debt

We have reduced our consolidated debt by about $5 million over the past several months through a combination of cash payments and equity conversions. We expect to effect further significant reductions over the balance of this year. Most of the future reductions will occur through cash payments, since we expect equity conversions to soon cease for the foreseeable future.

We need to restructure and then refinance our remaining debt. We have held favorable initial discussions with our senior creditors, each of whom has indicated a willingness to materially improve the terms of our existing debt financing in ways that support our consolidation process given the progress of our operations and our payment history. We are accordingly optimistic that we will be able to restructure a significant amount of our debt in the near term. We are working on this now.

We will, however, and even after this restructuring, need to reduce and refinance all of our remaining debt. We plan to do so with a combination of cash flows and lower cost debt and equity that we bring in at the much higher valuations justified by the performance of our core operations.

4. Execute in Core Businesses

At the conclusion of the mergers and other transactions described above, GreenShift will have two majority-owned public subsidiaries, GS AgriFuels and GS EnviroServices.

The operations of each company will be as follows:

-- GreenShift Corporation

-- Process Engineering & Plant Construction Services

-- Technology Licensing

-- Feedstock Extraction & Sales

-- Early Stage Technology Acquisition and Development

-- GS AgriFuels Corporation (OTC Bulletin Board: GSGF - News) Majority Owned Public Subsidiary

-- Biofuels Production Equipment Manufacturing & Sales

-- Biodiesel Production & Sales

-- Other Biomass Derived Fuel & Energy Production & Sales

-- Oilseed Crushing & Vegetable Oil Sales

-- GS EnviroServices, Inc. (OTC Bulletin Board: GSEN - News) Majority Owned Public Subsidiary

-- Industrial Waste Management Services

-- Environmental Engineering Services

-- Site Remediation Services

As an example of our revenue generating potential moving forward, the completion of construction and full deployment of a total of just 30 million gallons per year of corn oil extraction with integral biodiesel production capability could generate about $72 million in process engineering and plant construction sales and about $3 million in annual royalties for the merged GreenShift - GS CleanTech. Our target is to ultimately deploy 120 million gallons of corn oil extraction and biodiesel production capability.

GS AgriFuels, as the majority owner of these biodiesel production facilities, would generate about $85 million per year in ongoing biodiesel sales with better than 25% EBITDA margins at current market prices. Given the contracts, letters of intent and other recent developments detailed above, GS AgriFuels could be producing biodiesel at the 30 million gallon per year run-rate in as little as 12 months.

In addition, we believe that GS AgriFuels can generate well in excess of $50 million per year in equipment sales, and that GS AgriFuels' oilseed crush division, Sustainable Systems, can produce more than $70 million in annualized vegetable oil and biodiesel sales after the completion of the expansion of its Montana based crush facility later this year.

Finally, GS EnviroServices, which is currently generating about $16 million per year in sales, can be expected to grow its sales at an annual rate of more than 20% for the next few years given its recently completed and planned acquisitions.

The Path Forward

Our technologies are robust, scalable, energy efficient, modular and, importantly, capable of rapid and cost-effective "plug-and-play" integration into the existing agribusiness infrastructure. These advantages converge to enable the refining of many different alternative feedstocks into clean and renewable energy and several different clean fuels cost-effectively at small scales. We believe that this capability is highly valuable because it enables us to reduce commodity risk by creating opportunities to manage production assets in response to fluctuating market conditions. No single conventional or new technology or group of technologies that we are aware of can currently achieve this.

Our commercialization plan for these technologies involves the iterative integration and synergistic application of several technologies into traditional agriproducts plants in ways that enable us to upgrade production and cost-average down the capital and operating costs traditionally associated with renewable fuel production. Our intention is to commercialize and generate cash flows from our technologies according to the following roll-out schedule:

Step 1 corn oil extraction

Step 2 integral biodiesel production

Step 3 integral biomass gasification for heat and power


Step 4 integral biomass gasification for liquid fuels applications

Step 5 integral bioreformation of carbon dioxide into algal

biomass and additional liquid fuels

Importantly, each step is designed to integrate and work with each of the previous steps as well as the host facility to capitalize on all practical operating synergies. The commercialization process for Steps 1 and 2 is complete and we are actively implementing a go-to-market based on these technologies. The technologies needed for Steps 3 and 4 are nearly complete with their early-stage commercialization process and we plan to start our marketing of these capabilities later this year. The technologies needed for Step 5 are still deep in the R&D stage and require additional capital to prove out, but we are very committed to bringing a cost-effective implementation of bioreactor technology to market - this a key strategic initiative for GreenShift moving forward.

On the morning after the U.S. Senate passed a bill that calls for increased ethanol production, our focus on upgrading traditional ethanol facilities with "plug-and-play" modular technology was never more timely. We will continue to remain relentlessly focused on developing and implementing technologies that make existing and new ethanol plants more efficient. We will then do the same for other traditional agriproducts plants, such as oilseed crush plants and animal and livestock processing plants, and upgrade these plants into integrated multi-feedstock, multi-fuel biorefineries.

Our long-term strategy is to focus on the inevitable consequences of the way we use natural resources to make things, and to extract opportunities for positive economics by simultaneously increasing production efficiencies and reducing the upstream and downstream burdens of that production on our ecosystem. With increasing burdens on natural resources globally, both at the beginning and end of product supply chains, we must simply be smarter about how we use resources. GreenShift's long term mission is to make a significant contribution to achieving this.

For the time being, however, we will remain focused on sales and earnings growth through the deployment and commissioning of corn oil extraction systems, the sales of biodiesel equipment, the financing, construction and operation of our co-located corn oil biodiesel production facilities, the expansion and operation of our oilseed crush plant, and the growth of our environmental services group.

While the results have not been obvious and the impact has not yet translated into share value, our operations have made extraordinary strides in a short period of time and they are picking up steam. We will continue these efforts while we rationalize our capital structure as quickly and as cost-effectively as possible. We appreciate your patience through that process.

We intend to announce details shortly relative to the scheduling of a conference call that we would like to hold next week to respond to shareholder questions. We are grateful for your continued interest and support, and we look forward to our next communication.

Best Regards,

Kevin Kreisler

Chairman and Chief Executive Officer

GreenShift Corporation

Schönen Tag Gruss JFK

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Wow, heute plus 112%, jetzt bei 0.07$.

Warum geht es so rauf? Der heutige Kontrakt für die Produktion von 1,5 Mio. Gallonen Ethanol pro Jahr bringt ja bei à 1.5$ pro Gallon nur ca. 2 Mio. $ Umsatz. Es werden einem zwar bis zu 50 Mio. Gallonen pro Jahr in Aussicht gestellt ... wenn alles wie gewünscht verläuft.

In letzter Zeit ist die Aktie jeweils trotz guten Meldungen massiv abgesackt.

Habe gestern zu 0.035 nachgekauft (leider nur für 1500$) und heute zu 0.055 (EP jetzt 0.077).

Der Chart zeigt es, es kann noch massiv rauf gehen...

Image icon gshf_108.gif24 KB


Ich hole sie mir zurück, dieses verdammte Biest!

Greenshift oder Hydroflo?

Heute war wieder einmal Greenshift der Highflyer! Super, aber nur mit sehr kleinen Umsätzen ging es gegen Handelsschluss nochmals gewaltig nach oben. Lieder war meine Kauflimite bei 0.015 für den Monat Juni 0.01 Cent zu tief angesetzt.

Am letzten Freitag legte im übrigen Hydroflo (HYRF) 90% zu und heute "nur" 35%! Wer wird wohl diesen Hype kursmässig durchziehen können und wer stüzte schon bald wieder ab? :?:

Greenshift oder Hydroflo?

Na ja, Deutsche Sprache = schwere Sprache.... d.h. mit "stüzte" meinte ich natürlich "stürzt"... Lol

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Bin jetzt auch dabei Biggrin Hoffen es geht weiter so :roll:

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Hallo an alle "Greenshifters"

Bin seit Frühling 2006 mit 20'000 Stk. auch dabei.

Mein EP war US 0.39 ( zum Kurs von CHF 1.31 )

Da ist also eine Menge aufzuholen.

Für mich bedeutet dies beinahe einen Totalverlust

mit dem ich mich inzwischen abgefunden habe.

Trotzdem, ich bleibe dabei. Also viel Glück an alle.


Dr. Zock

Es ist leichter, einer Begierde ganz zu entsagen, als in ihr maßzuhalten. ( Friedrich Nietzsche )

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Hallo Zäme

Ich bin seit etwa zwei monaten dabei yesssssssssss Biggrin

Und muss sagen das ich mich ziemlich lage mit der FA befasst habe.

Mir gefällt die Story, dass nun alles transparenter wird! Focus aufs Kernbusiness und nicht profitable einheiten werden verkauft! ... Vermutlich wurde das nun eben honoriert! Was mich sehr positiv stimmt ist, dass trotz LABEL "Zockeraktie" nach dem gestrigen

Anstieg noch keine wirklichen Gewinnmitnahmen stattgefunden haben. Sicher interessant zu verfolgen ob diese in den nächsten Tagen kommen! Falls ja werde ich sicher wieder nachkaufen!

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Interessant gestern um 21:35 Uhr als jeweils 20'000er Packete à 0.051$ gehandelt wurden und dann jemand 1,5 Mio. Aktien à 0.044$ verkaufte. Es ging dann aber trotzdem gleich wieder mit 0.051$ weiter.


Ich hole sie mir zurück, dieses verdammte Biest!

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weitere good news !

EW YORK--(BUSINESS WIRE)--June 29, 2007

GreenShift Corporation (OTC Bulletin Board: GSHF) today announced

its execution of an agreement with Cornell Capital Partners, L.P.,

pursuant to which Cornell and GreenShift agreed to use their best

efforts to restructure the terms and conditions of GreenShift's

various debts due to Cornell in a way that facilitates the completion

of the GreenShift's pending merger with GS CleanTech Corporation (OTC

Bulletin Board: GSCT) while attempting to safeguard and maximize the

share value of the merged company and supporting the newly merged

company's growth. Any agreement to restructure the terms of such debt

obligations is subject to GreenShift and Cornell negotiating definite

terms and entering into final written agreements, and no assurance can

be given that the parties will be able to reach such agreement.

GreenShift and Cornell also agreed to waive on a one-time basis

the past defaults under GreenShift's agreements with Cornell effective

immediately provided Angel that GreenShift file and make effective a

registration statement on Form S-4 to complete the GreenShift - GS

CleanTech merger as soon as possible and (b) that GreenShift's

chairman and chief executive officer, Kevin Kreisler, consent to the

repayment of about $340,000 in Cornell debt in the form GreenShift

stock to be paid out of Kreisler's stake in GreenShift at current

market prices.

Troy Rillo, the Senior Managing Director of Cornell's investment

manager, said that "We have supported GreenShift's growth for better

than two years and we desire to continue to do so. We are pleased with

GreenShift's progress - in particular its business model of using

technology to attempt to defray risk for first generation ethanol

producers. We haven't seen anyone attempting to do this to the extent

of GreenShift."

Kreisler added that: "We are very grateful for the support that

Cornell has given us in the past. They believed in and funded our

business model when it was little more than an idea and we are

thankful for their continued support as we execute on our

restructuring plan and the sales and earnings growth of our core


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Was ist da los :?: :!: Weis jemand mehr :?: Und wer ist überhaupt noch dabei :?:

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@ koebeler und andere

Ja. Ich bin seit ca. 2005 - 2006 dabei. Mein EP war damals rund Sfr. 0.285 zum Kurs von US 1.31 Habe 20'000 Stk.



Es ist leichter, einer Begierde ganz zu entsagen, als in ihr maßzuhalten. ( Friedrich Nietzsche )