King's Bay Gold Ultra High-Grade Gold Discovery Grading

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King's Bay Gold Ultra High-Grade Gold Discovery Grading

Gestern schöner Erholungskandidat, trotz dem Edelmetalldebakel !!!

Kotiert in Cad KGB.V oder WKN: 577772 (in Berlin geringer Umsatz)

Bin nach den Wunderbohrresultaten vom 11. Dezember bin ich etwas zu rasch eingesiegen,

aber ich denke die Abgaben sind nun vorbei und die künftigen Aussichten setzen sich durch. BiggrinBiggrinBiggrinBiggrin

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Speaking from first hand experience, ha, I\'ll just remind you what both King\'s Bay Gold Corp and Mainstream Minerals have going for them going into 2007. I am predicting a great year for both stocks. If and when Mainstream goes puplic, you will probably have a couple million shares trading with one fantastic piece of property. Meanwhile, KBG has 50 percent of the BobJo, 25 percent of Pickle Lake which is having work done by Richview Res (RVR); partnership with GoldCorp on Rowan Lake; 50 percent of Helena Lake, and a real jewel in the "Headway" group of claims, located right next to/adjoining GoldCorps claims that is presently being mined. I think what you are seeing choto is that the bigger share holders will protect their investments and are supporting the market as we are seeing today. KBG is a steal at 48-50 cents IMO. Good luck with your investments choto. I have\'nt posted for a few days. Having trouble with my computor. I was blaming goodinfo/rcis back, thought he(HE) had reported me to the authorities. ha. Leodor.