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LFBG - WKN: A0RPW8 - Börse: Stuttgart - Easy Money

LFBG - WKN: A0RPW8 - Börse: Stuttgart - Easy Money


LFBG - Left Behind Games:

Left Behind Games, Inc.



For detailed information please read the Left Behind Games Investor Brief


2010 You Tube Infomercial


2010 Left Behind 3 Rise of the Antichrist Full Length Theatrical Commercial


Investors can download a game for FREE!!


Anticipated Christmas 2011 Product Line

The MyPraize Social Network


MyPraize was once one of the largest and fastest growing social networks on the Internet. We plan to launch MyPraize (pending adequate financing) in the fall of 2011. We hired Helmut Teichert as Executive Director to accomplish this objective. He has at least 35 years of multimedia production experience, including more than 20 years of leadership working with Dr. Bill Bright and Campus Crusade for Christ International. He is currently the Executive Director of Henry Brandt Ministries, the Director of Operations for Jesus Online Ministries and the former Executive Director for the Bright Media Foundation.

The MyPraize 2 site is expected to feature the following main navigation points, including

Connect - Inbox, Forums, Groups, Chat,

Discover - links to information routinely sought,

Shop - links to best websites for products and services, and

Enjoy - Music, Video, Games.

Left Behind Games, Inc. Chairman and CEO

Troy A. Lyndon

" rel=nofollow target=_blank itxtBad="1" itxtNodeId="99"http://troylyndon.com/


Mr. Lyndon has over 25 years' experience in the management and development of software projects, including computer and video game products including Batman, Street Fighter, Defender of the Crown, ESPN Baseball, NHL Hockey and the first 3D Madden Football game. Mr. Lyndon is also a recipient of the coveted Entrepreneur of the Year award from Inc. Magazine, Merrill Lynch and Ernst & Young. He has also served many ministries and Christian publishers, including the Billy Graham Evangelistic Association, Campus Crusade for Christ, Tyndale and Biblesoft, in the development of multimedia presentations, CD-ROMs, DVDs, and retail products. From December 1993 to February 1997, he served as CEO of Studio Arts Multimedia, Inc. where he managed and developed multiple video game projects. From December 1988 to October 1993, Mr. Lyndon served as President of Park Place Productions, which became North America's largest independent developer of video games.

ng Solomon’s Word Games

include several mini-games which

make Biblical content relevant to

gamers through common and fun

game dynamics including Word

Twists, Sling Words, Word

Searches and more…

Left Behind 4: World At War is

a real-time strategy game based

on the best-selling Left Behind

book series by Tim LaHaye and

Jerry Jenkins. Join the ultimate

fight of good versus evil,

commanding the Tribulation

Forces, American Militia and the

Global Community Peacekeepers.

Scripture Chess is designed to

engage strategic and battlehungry

gamers to see and feel the

relevance of their actions in the

context of the ultimate battle of

good vs. evil through this classic

game more than 1,000 years old.

In between moves, players will

hear scripture relavent to their

progress and strategy.

Praise Champion 2 is a karaoke

style singing game featuring 80

popular Christian songs.

Featuring an all new career mode,

players will start their new career

and sing their way to the top of

the charts while unlocking new

venues, rewards, rankings and

achievements. All-new game

graphics include customizable

avatars and 15 fully 3D venues

King Solomon’s Trivia

Challenge 2 is a Bible

based trivia game presented

in a game show atmosphere

complete with a funny host

and over-the-top visuals.

Over 1000 Bible related

questions in 10 categories

will challenge your

knowledge of the Bible.

Achieve rewards and

rankings while unlocking

new characters

Bible Quest: Journey

Through Genesis is a game

where the player swaps tiles

to create matches of three or

more identical tiles laid out

over varying game boards.

Players seek to progress

through a map filled with

more than 75 segments from

the book of Genesis. Each

game is unique and lush

backgrounds will emerse the

player in the stories