LITHIUM TECH CP NEW LTHU.PK die hightech Batterie der Zukun

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17.05.2007 22:57
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LITHIUM TECH CP NEW LTHU.PK die hightech Batterie der Zukun

dieser Batterieherstellen arbeitet für die US-Army und hat Verbinung zu Thyssen.

Sie wird ein Profituer der neuen Elektroautos sein. !!!, gestützt durch die Politik der USA.

und ich habe den Eindrück, die Geschichte startet nun richtig!

Es erfolgt am 23.Mai eine grosse Demo mit Presse usw...

Diese Neuentwicklung soll für Autos usw die grösste Enegiedichte pro Gewichtseinheit erreichen.

125+ Miles Per Gallon Vehicle Accomplished by Lithium Technology Corporation

Thursday May 17, 11:29 am ET

World's Largest Lithium Iron Phosphate Cells Offer Best MPG Ratio--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Lithium Technology Corporation (Pink Sheets:LTHU - News):

What: Breakthrough advanced battery technology poised to change

the auto industry. Showcase of Lithium Technology

Corporation's (LTC) power solutions for the transportation,

military and stationary power markets

Demonstrations of LTC powered vehicles:

-- LTC branded Toyota Prius retrofitted with the Company's

iron phosphate battery offering 125+ miles per gallon

-- Xbot Unmanned Underwater Vehicle used to explore the


-- Demo rides of LTC electric go-kart


Who: Dr. Klaus Brandt, executive vice president of LTC and

managing director of LTC subsidiary GAIA Akkumulatorenwerke


Dr. Michel Gauthier, president of Phostech Lithium Inc.


When: Wednesday, May 23rd, at 10:00am EDT.

Keynote address promptly at 10:30am. One-on-one interviews

to follow. Photo opps before and after address.

11.09.2007 17:14
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LTHU US: Showcased at Frankfurt International Auto Show


- Showcased at Frankfurt International Auto Show

- By Germany's Third Largest Political Party

Lithium Technology Corporation ("LTC") (OTC: LTHU), and German

Parliament officials present and drive at the Frankfurt International Auto

Show LTC's fuel efficient demonstration vehicle, which can achieve 125+

miles per gallon (mpg) utilizing LTC's lithium ion iron phosphate battery.

An official technology provider for Germany's Green Party during the

event, LTC will showcase a Toyota Prius converted to a plug-in hybrid

vehicle and retrofitted with the Company's unique patented battery

technology at the show beginning Tuesday, September 11, and themed, "See

what's driving the future."

Germany's Green Party recognizes LTC's leading innovations in

manufacturing quality batteries to promote energy fuel efficiency in the

automotive industry. The Company's efforts support the Green Party's

promotion of the "Green Car Concept" program at the world's largest auto

show. The Green Car Concept calls for the automotive industry to adopt new

advanced technologies, like that of LTC, to cut dependence on fossil fuels

and ensure a healthy future.

"We're very excited to be a part of the Frankfurt Auto Show to

demonstrate LTC's progress that has been achieved and the technology

available to make a difference in the automotive industry today," said Dr.

Klaus Brandt, chief executive officer of LTC. "Our plug-in hybrid is proof

that together with the car companies we can make a significant impact on

today's mounting environmental problems, and we will show first-hand that

our technology is the solution to enable hybrid electric vehicles and

plug-in hybrid vehicles."

The battery for the Prius utilizes LTC's product line of lithium ion

iron phosphate (LiFePO(4)) cells, the largest cells of their kind in the

world, which are considered to be the technology of choice for car

manufacturers. The 7 kWh battery is comprised of 63 iron phosphate cells.

This large energy content results in an electric driving range of

approximately 30 miles and allows the vehicle to achieve exceptionally low

gas consumption in a mixed electric and hybrid mode. LTC's large format

technology allows for more reliable battery systems with a significantly

lower number of cells. The battery management system (BMS) is more precise

by monitoring fewer cells, keeping them in balance for best performance

and preventing damage to the battery due to over voltage, under voltage,

over temperature and short circuit.

"LTC believes the world has come to the conclusion that a change is

needed in the way we operate in our daily lives in order to save our

environment, and a major part of this change will require larger and better

batteries to power advanced vehicles," commented Brandt.

LTC's plug-in hybrid will be onsite at the Frankfurt International Auto

Show September 11 - 23. For more information about LTC's involvement with

the Green Party, please visit

31.07.2007 09:30
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LITHIUM TECH CP NEW LTHU.PK die hightech Batterie der Zukun

Lithium Technology Corporation's Chief Executive Officer Issues Letter to Stockholders

Dear Shareholders, It is my pleasure to address you all as the recently appointed Chief Executive Officer of LTC. I am very excited about the opportunity that was given to me to lead LTC forward in a world that is realizing the value and the need for our technology and products. LTC's three target markets, Transportation, Defense and Stationary/Alternative Energy, constantly require more available energy and power - a demand that today's prevailing battery technologies cannot adequately satisfy. We are among the few visionaries who identified these future needs. We have developed the technology that can answer the needs of today to enable innovative solutions, like the plug-in hybrid vehicles. We are making strides in all three markets with repeat orders from existing customers and the acquisition of new customers, most of which belong to the leaders in their respective industries. The strength of our company lies with our employees and core technology. Unlike many companies that simply assemble batteries with cells imported from Asia, we, at LTC, master the entire process - from the manufacturing of battery cells to the pairing with intelligent management systems. This end-to-end manufacturing ability allows us to offer superior products at the highest level of quality assurance. Additionally, our broad experience in battery technology and industry savvy helps us develop solutions quickly. For example, our new Lithium-ion iron phosphate battery cells are the largest commercial cells of its kind in the world. This significant accomplishment is evidence to the automotive manufacturers that the battery technology they need is here today. Today we are working hard to substantially increase our production capacity in order to satisfy the growing demand for our products. We recently opened an office in The Netherlands, in which we will concentrate our efforts on our goals to build a new production facility that will allow us to manufacture our products in much larger quantities and in a more efficient way. This will allow us to gain bigger market share. We continue to invest heavily in R&D, sales and global marketing efforts. As reported to the SEC on July 12th we paid back our biggest debt and entered into a much smaller fixed convertible loan at today's market price. This, together with the repayment to Cornell Capital Partners, LP, reduced our debt significantly and is a major step in the restructuring of our balance sheet. Management is working hard to further improve the financial condition of the company and to create a strong LTC. We continue to work with our auditors for the completion of all financial reports in order to become current on our public filings. It is a top priority for me and the rest of the management team and we dedicate every possible resource to conclude it as soon as possible. Finally, I believe the world has come to the conclusion that a change is needed in the way we operate in our daily lives in order to save our environment, and a major part of this change will require better and bigger batteries. Toyota announced last week it is testing a plug-in version of the Prius They join GM and Ford, who also announced their intention to develop commercial plug-in hybrid vehicles. Toyota went one step further to state that by 2020 all their vehicle offerings will be either plug-in hybrids or regular hybrids. This is very important statement for us as we see a world leading company who sells millions of vehicles a year plans such a drastic move in about 12 years time. We believe western world car companies will follow suit and we are here today to provide our superior products. It is my intention to steer the company in a way that will build long-term sustainable value, especially in our core areas of competitive advantage where the future value of our company will come from. It is my belief that this approach will help building large, strong and profitable company and will maximize the value to our shareholders. Sincerely, Dr. Klaus Brandt Chief Executive Officer Lithium Technology Corporation

Hört sich sehr gut an, falls hier dann noch die Grossen einsteigen dann sieht es für diesen Stock sicher gut aus!

Zahlen sollten im August/September erscheinen (datum noch nicht bestätigt)

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die kannst Du

Discoverer wrote:

auf Swissquote fimde ich diesen Titel nicht :!:

manchmal leider kannst Du die xxxxx.PK Titel bei SQ nicht ordern !

Ich denke der Anstieg ist (zu)sehr rasant !

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LITHIUM TECH CP NEW LTHU.PK die hightech Batterie der Zukun

auf Swissquote fimde ich diesen Titel nicht :!:

Erfindung, Euphorie, Aktiencrash, technologischer Durchbruch

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das ist aber wirklich der Renner heute !!!! wird auf 1 $$$ s

die Informationsdemo wird noch mehr bringen!

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