Norsemont, (NOM.TO) wollen Mine in Betrieb setzen !

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22.10.2010 22:34
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Norsemont, (NOM.TO) wollen Mine in Betrieb setzen !

möglicherweise ist es noch Zeit einzusteigen !

Basis bildet dieser Link mit der neusten Resource

heute ein Brocken von 7 mio über den Tisch

NOM TSX $2.93 +0.25 +11.41% Biggrin volume 7,787,565 8)


diese Berechnung:


My calculation is based on a conservative 5 billion lbs of copper at $4 a lb= $20 billion total revenue( and it could be more if copper is in deficit for the next 10 years as some are forecasting). Take off $1 billion to build the mine and take off mining costs of $1 per lb. This gives before tax profit of $14 billion. then deduct taxes of say 50% leaves some $7billion of after tax profit. And with 113 million shares this results in over $60 per share for the shareholders.

I am curious what others think? Personally I would be ecstatic for $30 per share!!

(aus Stockhouse Board)

oder diese


Verkaufbare Menge Kupfer Pfund

Preis je Pfund $3,00

Erziehlbarer Erlös $6.720.000.000

Baukosten -$


Produktionskosten je Pfund Kupfer -$1,00



Steuern 50%

Nach Steuern $1.740.000.000

Augegebene Aktien 81.739.123

Common Shares 19.321.613

Warrants 11.584.375


share $15,45

Verteilt auf 15 Jahre Lebensdauer der Mine $1 a

KGV8 => $8 share

17.01.2011 21:51
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und raus

warten bringt wahrscheinlich doch nichts mehr.

Neues Spiel EAG.V

10.01.2011 22:07
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ich halte sie noch ein wenig

Ich gedulde mich noch ein wenig !

Der Kaufpreispreis je Pfund Kupfer beträgt nur gerade 0.03 $ (oder cad)

Vielleicht kommt noch ein weiterer Bieter, oder sonst gilt einfach der heutige Preis.



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According to the release, Hudbay is paying $520M on a fully diluted basis for NOM.

A quick run of the numbers is as follows:

Reserves - 2.6B lbs. Copper, 71M lbs. Moly

Resources (Inclusive) - 4B lbs. copper, 104M lbs. Moly.

I understand there is also 50k oz gold and some silver but based on base metals alone those can be ignored, i'm not sure how significant it is anyway.

Based on these numbers i calculate a similar number of 2.5% of total in the graound value, which is like $21B.

On a per lb. of copper price, i'm getting .03 cents per pound, bang on.

Calculated as $520M divided by $17.2B ($520M for the value of the acquisition, and $17.2B calculated as the 4B lbs. of copper multiplied by $4.30 current price of copper.#

That gives me .03:eek::eek:cents per pound, which from what i understand is pretty standard #between .03-.05 cents per pound i've heard). With $800M revenue per year once the mine is running, i think it's a heck of a deal for HBM,because at .05 cents per pound that would be closer to $800M, or $7 Smile a share.

Also, 35% held by insiders, managmeent is onboard and also held largely by institutions. I think it's worth moving on, unless HBM price escalates from here.

10.01.2011 21:16
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Uebernahme !!!!
22.12.2010 17:19
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die Umweltstudie wurde akzeptiert !

mehr als 70 000 T kupfer...

aprobation der umweltstudie

Cabe precisar que mediante Resolución Directoral Nº 390-2010-MEM-AAM,

expedida por la Dirección General de Asuntos Ambientales Mineros (DGAAM) del MEM,

se aprobó recientemente el Estudio de Impacto Ambiental (EIA) que presentó Norsemont Perú S.A.C.

quelle : ministerium fuer energie und mining peru

Hier noch die Tonnagen:

70,533 toneladas de cobre,

de 54,500 toneladas de plata (silber) 8) 8)

y de 2,000 a 3,000 toneladas de concentrado de molibdeno

07.12.2010 18:15
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der neuste Bericht ist da !

heute Morgen kurz nicht gehandelt !

nun ist er da !

(jemand muss erst noch durchrechnen)

04.12.2010 13:12
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weitere Infos

NOM TSX $3.07 +0.17 +5.86% Biggrin vol 409,358

Nächster Event

da wollen offenbar die Leute hin Smile


do hope you are able to attend the annual meeting on tuesday December 7th, since your questions would be good ones to put to Patrick Evans and his board at that time!

und key comments aus Presscom vor paar Tagen:



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The important comments in todays press release are the following;

-the optimization study will have a "material positive impact on the economics of phase 1 mine development"

-pampacancha and chiloraya will " add significant tonnage" Smile

This sounds very positive! and remember when we add both together the result should be dramatic!

With new drilling and the enhanced economic study now in sight we should be moving to a higher level :cool::cool:

Es sollen auch grosse Umsätze bei den Optionen laufen.