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13.07.2011 14:18
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VIPR - VIPR - NEWS: WKN: A0NEFW - NEWS: VIPR Industries Sign

VIPR - NEWS: WKN: A0NEFW - NEWS: VIPR Industries Signs Exploration Contract to Commence Drilling Program on Its Msangachuki-Londoni Gold Tenements

Vipr Industries (USOTC:VIPR)

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VIPR Industries Inc. (OTCBB: VIPR) ("VIPR") announces it has signed a contract and formally engaged JICL Consulting of Tanzania to undertake a diamond core drilling programme on its Msangachuki-Londoni, Singida Gold prospect property, located in Singida, Tanzania.

After gathering quotes from various mining contractors, VIPR made the decision to once again engage JICL to execute a Diamond Core drilling program which is as a result of JICL's expertise and familiarity of VIPR's Singida property. The drilling programme is slated to begin within the next 45 days, but could take as long as 60 to 90 days to commence. The long delay's stem from the expected delivery of a new drill rig JICL has purchased from Europe that is presently in transport, and obligations JICL has to other clients prior to commencing the drilling program on VIPR's Singida property. The newly purchased rig owned by JICL will also allow for some reduced costs to VIPR on this programme and any subsequent exploration programmes.

The drilling program was as a result of its most recently completed MMI reconnaissance exploration programme and prior programmes performed on its Twenty Gold Concessions, all conducted by JICL on its Msangachuki-Londoni, Singida Gold prospect property. JICL concluded a need for taking additional samples at deeper levels, which can only be obtained by a RAB/DD/RC drilling programme.

The JICL drilling program

will encompass holes taken to depths of 120 metres with a minimum of 50 samples to be taken. Once completed, the samples are then to be shipped to SGS Laboratories in Tanzania for analysis.

JC Barbeck of VIPR commented, "VIPR is pleased to be undertaking the next phase of exploration on our Singida-Londoni prospect property as per JICL's recommendations and guidance. Although there are no assurances, we hope the results will exhibit the same positive attributes as previous exploration programmes performed by JICL".

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VIPR Industries Inc. is a precious metals exploration and development company focused on Gold, Uranium, Diamonds and other precious metal resources and reserves through mergers, acquisitions and resource development.

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13.07.2011 17:14
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VIPR - VIPR - NEWS: WKN: A0NEFW - NEWS: VIPR Industries Sign


Sehe ich genau so. Bin mir aber bei dem Titel nicht ganz sicher. So wie ich das verstanden habe, ist Antofagasta beteiligt.





13.07.2011 17:09
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VIPR - VIPR - NEWS: WKN: A0NEFW - NEWS: VIPR Industries Sign

halt die dollars noch drin. aber keinesfalls als investment betrachten! sobald das ding spiked (selbst 50% würde mir persönlich reichen) - raus damit. danach kommt in 99% der fälle ausverkauf und den titel siehst du nie wieder, resp. verschwindet.

bei solchen beträgen ist es das risiko wert - aber wie gesagt nur für den (inside und selbst kreierten) hype - da musst du einfach alles raushauen denn.

Handelnder Holländer

13.07.2011 14:24
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Da bin ich schon lange drinn.

Der Titel hat praktisch keine Bewegung.

Trotzdem, ich habe gedacht, dass es irgendwann mal etwas kommen sollte.

Bin "nur" mit 1000 Dollars drinn...

Wäre cool, wenn was gehen würde:-)...

b00n, hast Du ihn immer noch auf Watch?

Gruss an alle